Bambarakanda waterfall is the tallest waterfall of Sri Lanka and is in Haldummulla. In height it’s about 241meters. The water falls down from a high rock on to others and adds beauty to this fall. Water comes from a tributary from Horton plains. From there it goes to Samanala Wewa, meaning the valley of butterflies. Finally falls to Walawe River. Travelling to this place is not easy as to the other falls of Sri Lanka.

This fall is far away from the main road and the turning point is Kalupahana Junction (160Km from Colombo) and is the closest main road to fall. The distance between Kalupahana and the waterfall is about 5 kms. This 5 Km is a narrow road a Car, Van or light vehicle can take you closer to the fall.

Amongst the majestic mountains of Kalupahana in the Central Highlands; leaps the beautiful horsetail waterfall of Bambarakanda Ella. A Horsetail Fall descends a very nearly vertical rock face, maintaining some contact with it. As the tallest falls in the island, Bambarakanda has a vertical height of 263m (863 feet); and is ranked 299th amongst the tallest waterfalls of the world. Situated in the steep pine forested slopes of Badulla District, a mere 5m from the A4 highway; Bambarakanda originates from Kuda Oya, a branch of the Walawe River.

The area is a great spot for photography and picnics. There is a natural pool complex at the base of the falls; where you can also bathe before your meal, if you decide on a picnic.

Bambarakanda has a trail available for interested hikers to climb to the top of the falls. The crest has a beautiful miniature waterfall and a large pool which feeds the main falls. The uninterrupted views of the eastern plains also provide for some wonderful photo opportunities.

The best time to visit Bambarakanda Ella is between the months of March through May; as this is the period of time when there is best flow of water. June to September tends to be a dry season in the area; and the falls get much less water. The months between Novembers to February tend to have heavy rains; making it difficult to get close enough for viewing.

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